Our team of experienced consultants will provide solutions tailored to your business needs and IT requirements. We can help you understand how technology can better serve your business structure and keep you updated on new IT innovations. Let us partner with you to satisfy your IT infrastructure requirements so you can focus on your core business functions. We have a proven track record of helping businesses perform better while reducing overhead costs.




Work Stations


At OLOG, we start with understanding the client’s business functionality and design the server solution based on those requirements. We ensure that the server solutions are delivered on time while maximizing the return on investment and minimizing the costs.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all our server solutions.

Serving to a wide range of clients ranging from financial institutions to healthcare companies and from advertising agencies to law firms, we serve them all. Our managed services, state-of-the-art datacenter, custom solutions and our client satisfaction guarantee is what sets up apart from others.

  • Customized server solutions
  • Onsite and offsite secure server solutions
  • Managed server solutions
  • Fast, secure and redundant solutions
  • Hardware load balancing and firewall
  • Virtualization
  • High Availability


For any business today, the greatest challenge is to identify and equip the leadership with the right tools to be successful. We undergo in-depth research and analysis about our client’s business. We believe that in this competitive environment, the success of any business is dependent on how updated you are about your industry. Let OLOG help you identify those tools to enable maximum efficiency and growth in your business.

OLOG’s professional services can range from daily IT operations to projects such as IT infrastructure, compliance, disaster recovery, lean process management and security.


OLOG’s customized virtualization solutions offer both choice and flexibility. We ensure that by switching to virtualization, your business can control workloads in data centers while reducing energy consumption and IT infrastructure. Our customized virtualization solutions are designed to lower your IT infrastructure costs, reduce IT management while maximizing your existing IT resources. Virtualization allows for a faster recovery of IT resources in case of system failure or disaster. Besides saving your time, it also providesimproved business continuity and revenues. Virtualization solutions are designed to be scalable which allows for more flexibility when it relates to company growth. Just some of the reasons why more and more businesses are going for virtualization:

Quick Recovery Time

Better Scalability

Cost Savings


Our primary goal is to protect our client’s data, users and network from developing security threats and system breaches. With an exponential increase in ransonware, worms, viruses, spam websites, malware, adware and spyware being able to infiltrate into networks, critical data is being compromised. Businesses that fail to address these issues are being targeted for data breaches and held hostage for their data. Let OLOG do an assessment of your environment to do a vulnerability check. After an assessment of your environment, we can make recommendations for security architecture and provide customized solutions.

We work with all the major hardware and software manufactures and choose the right solution based on your environment.


Wi-Fi solutions that are fast, reliable, cost effective and work!

In today’s fast paced work environment we understand that there is a high demand for wireless networks which work where you are and not where the Access Point is located. Let OLOG pick your next wireless solution that can keep up with you.

We work with our clients to provide wireless infrastructure and innovative solutions that are fast and reliable. We provide service to all major industries including banking, telecom, transportation, retail, healthcare, and government.

  • Wi-Fi Health Check on existing and new wireless networks
  • Establishing business and technical requirements
  • Secure WLAN / LAN / WAN integration
  • Provide layout and specifications for new wireless solutions
  • Guidance in product selection and cost analysis
  • Complete project management


Cisco Meraki is a cloud based enterprise class solution that is powerful, secure and reliable. It is a fast growing solution for wired and wireless networks for industries like, retail, banking, education and government. Meraki is an easy to use cost effective solution that can be remotely managed from anywhere. It is far different from the traditional wired and wireless solutions with its unique features.

Cisco Meraki is the first and only solution that provides device based security policies, built-in NAC, and built-in mobile device management. Cisco Meraki includes everything you need for a secure, reliable, headache-free BYOD network — 100% integrated, without added cost or complexity.

  • BYOD without the cost or complexity
  • Automatically classify mobile devices
  • Manage iPads, PCs, and Macs
  • Automatically apply policies by device type
  • Protect LAN resources
  • Protect against viruses