The most common words you’re going to be hearing in today’s world of marketing and business promotion is Internet marketing. What does that mean to you and your business? Nowadays everyone has come up with their own definition of Internet marketing and some just believe it is developing a website and putting it out there. Others talk about promoting it through Internet ads some people realize and recognize the importance of organic marketing, but here at OLOG we bring it all together by talking about the brand as whole.

As managers, controller’s, business owners, marketing specialists we all have one goal in mind which is to try and increase market presence, bring in new leads, develop new prospects and execute more sales. OLOG just believes in doing it right!



Unlike most web development companies, we don’t treat websites as limited tenure projects we want to really understand what the client’s company is all about and what their products mean to them and eventually to their clients this obviously involves a laborious task of investigating and trying to uncover the true meaning of our client’s brand and the exact target market to which it must appeal.

Our strategy is pretty simple we sit down to brainstorm with our clients and try to uncover the hidden meanings and purposes of their initiated to get into business in the first place most businesses are trying to resolve a client’s problem or to uncover a pain point it’s our endeavor as digital marketing specialists to assist our clients in uncovering these purposes.


Once we have defined what the client’s brand denotes and what the target market is the next step rationally becomes to devise a digital marketing strategy. No marketing strategy can work in isolation to company’s goals and objectives.

Additional marketing strategy has many facets. Broadly speaking the strategy involves techniques for on-page optimization, off page optimization and Internet-based promotional activities paid or unpaid. Website property creation with engaging content and relevant material in sync with the overall strategy.

  • Newsletter and Email Campaigns
  • Design
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Capture Leads
  • Video Production
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Article Writing
  • Local and Regional SEO
  • Static Online Advertising
  • Promotions
  • AD Strategy
  • Press Release


OLOG has a clear strategy to differentiate between long-term recognition campaigns that drive organic marketing and short-term sale oriented projects. We also recommend feasible mediums for each type of campaign not all are suitable for the different goals.


You have only a few seconds to impress your visitors when they visit your website. Your website design should be such that it engages your visitors and convert them into regular customers. It would be the biggest gamble if you will select an amateur to design your website. Since your website is the online face of your company, it has to be built in the most professional manner. OLOG has a reliable team of experts who will make your website a clear winner. Ensuring fast and secured websites, we also make sure that your website is cross browser compatible and responsive.

At OLOG, we design the most creative, user-friendly and pocket-friendly website for our clients. Besides looking great, a website must also be coded properly to make it search engine friendly. More crawling on the search engines will lead to more web traffic vis-a-vis more profits. We have professionals who will design your website according to your business needs to convert visitors into customers. Be it a static or an ecommerce website, we know how to take your website to its full potential.

But mostly and most importantly OLOG is not about short-term website development projects we believe that digital marketing strategies and digital marketing success depends on long-term and viable relationships it is our endeavor to build such relationships where we can directly influence and guide our clients to increase traffic to their website properties, their social media presence translating into concrete leads prospects and eventually sales. We conduct our business with the goal in mind and the goal is never to just build a website and bill.


Just building your website is not good enough, it is important that it is visible to your potential customers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about following practices which will increase your website’s ranking. Being at the top position in SERP is the ultimate goal of every business and SEO helps in achieving this goal. Your website must act as a crucial marketing tool for your business, thus search engine optimization services become an indispensable part of your website. At OLOG, we understand what is the need of your business and proceed accordingly. We ensure to offer you the best SEO services in accordance with your budget, needs, and comfort.

SEO showcases what your site is about, who are your customers and your site’s relevance for various keywords. As the algorithms for SEO keeps changing, you have to be on your toe to be in tune with the latest trends and types. Keeping your website SEO optimized is a full-fledged job which requires an expert. OLOG knows how to constantly bring unique visitors to your website. Our whole effort is channelized towards increasing the productivity and efficiency of your business.


At OLOG not only have we understood the magnitude of the fact the social media marketing has on our overall marketing strategy but we will also develop expertise within our team to manage each individual’s social media platform to be able to drive maximum utility from each. In doing so our primary focus always remains to creates better client engagements, uncover new prospects and drive traffic back to our main website.

Since social media marketing overall is a continuous activity we tend to creates a long-term strategy rather to rather than just managing short-term campaigns. Even when we do short-term campaigns their target oriented with specific goals in mind that’s in the long run translate into generic brand growth for the company.


One of our mantras here at OLOG is we want to be able to see results tangibly. This is why we sets up comprehensive and detailed analytical tools on out clients web property so that the can see the results for themselves and ask us to change and tweak whatever they want according to their goals and growing company requirements. These analytics can be as detailed as the client want, even showing the timings and location of visitors to the website. Armed with all this analytical data we are unable to better tweak the overall digital marketing strategy that we initially created with the help of the client and our needs analysis and go back into the market more focused and targeted towards achieving our goals of new prospects and eventually more business.